We Can’t Wait Anymore; We Need Open Primaries Now

This article was written by Becky Trudeau for IVN

Were you unhappy with your choice of candidates in the 2016 election cycle? Do you want to see a broader slate of candidates that are passionate about working to solve the big issues that really affect you and your family in 2018 and beyond? Candidates that aren’t controlled by special interest groups and big money, corporate donors? Then you need to support open primaries in Florida.

Even though primaries are financed by all taxpayers, they are 100% controlled by the Democratic and Republican Parties. Consequently, the message to voters is also controlled by the two parties.

Since all people tend to form their opinions through the lens of partially conceived notions based on a variety of factors with a community of like believers (friends, family, associates, media), we miss out on the benefit of opposing views. It’s extremely easy in this age of information to shut out views that make us uncomfortable, and it is only human nature.

True swing voters are independent (in Florida NPA, or no party affiliation) voters. According to the Florida Department of State website, in July 2017, voters registered outside the two major parties accounted for 27% of registered voters.

Independent voters tend to moderate the political views on both sides and force contrary beliefs into the public arena. Yet, 27% of Florida voters are locked out of the decision making process in Florida and the parties want to keep it that way.

So, at the end of every election cycle, we are left with party aligned voters that are stunned, angry, disappointed and worst of all, disenfranchised. Closed primaries do not represent our democracy as we envision it. Open, honest debate working for the common good of all citizens does.

As long as we the people allow the two-party system to control the message and our voting rights, our message will not be heard.

Right now in Florida, a review of the Florida Constitution is underway. Members of both parties are pushing their agenda to make changes to our state Constitution. The citizens of Florida have the once in a lifetime opportunity to make our voices heard. We need 10,000 signatures by September 22 to send the open primary proposal to the Revision Committee.

Please go now to www.floridaprimaries.org and sign the petition, then share this with everyone you know. Please don’t let this chance to bring all voices into the political system pass us by.