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Florida Constitution Revision Commission: Let Voters Decide On Commissioner Schifino’s Open Primaries Measure

We, the people of Florida, urge the Constitution Revision Commission (CRC) to place the open primary proposal submitted by Commissioner Schifino on the 2018 ballot.

Our closed party primary system is out of date and is failing the people of Florida. Over 3.4 million independent voters are locked out of Florida’s primary elections -- often the only meaningful round of voting.

Florida taxpayers fund the primaries to the tune of $13 million dollars. Publicly funded elections should be open to all voters.

Recent polling found that over 70 percent of Florida voters support moving to an open primary system. Dozens of Floridians spoke on the need for open primaries during the recent CRC hearings. Open primaries was one of the most discussed topics during the hearing process.

Thankfully, Commissioner William Schifino has taken action. Commissioner Schifino submitted proposal P0062, which would allow independents to pick a party ballot in a primary election. While it does not go all the way to allowing all voters to vote for any candidate, it represents a step forward from Florida’s currently closed primaries.

The people have spoken, and Commissioner Schifino has answered with his open primaries proposal. We ask you, the 37 members of the Constitution Revision Commission, which every 20 years is tasked with modernizing our Constitution, to now let the voters decide by putting Commissioner Schifino’s open primary proposal on the 2018 ballot.

  • 3.4 million independents are locked out of voting
  • Closed party primaries prevent Floridians from coming together!
  • The time has come to unrig the system

We're 92.02% of the way to our goal, help us get there!


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We're 92.02% of the way to our goal, help us get there!