"Why are We Paying for Elections We Can't Vote in?"

Taxpayers should not foot the bill for elections that shut out 3.6 million Floridians.

Tell the Florida Secretary of State to Make the Democratic and Republican Parties Pay for their Own Primaries:

On October 13th, the Florida Democratic Party passed a resolution prohibiting independent voters from voting in their taxpayer funded primary unless they joined their party.

The Republican Party is no better. Party Chairman Joe Gruters has called open primaries “a terrible idea” and has asked the Florida Supreme Court to deny Floridians the right to decide for themselves whether or not to have open primaries.

Both parties have opposed every effort by the people of Florida to allow independents to vote. They made a mockery of a constitutional amendment passed by the voters to open primaries by recruiting sham write-in candidates and closing them they put pressure on the CRC to deep six a resolution for open primaries, even after hundreds of Floridians testified in support and tens of thousands petitioned for it.

Enough is enough.

The state of Florida spends $14 million taxpayer dollars on every primary election. If the parties want to keep million of taxpaying Floridians out of "their elections"--LET THEM PAY FOR THEM.

Email the Florida Secretary of State, Laurel Lee, and tell her to make the Florida Democratic Party and the Florida Republican Party pay for their own elections.